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Low Bite: Red in color and has a slight coffee odor The same applies as with the MB, this was a developmental prep that we really did not advertise much but saw great success on many levels, this had a previous name of Trackside Aggressive.

When to Use:

LB is going to be used in all low bite conditions that are either dry slick or tacky. Its most effective duro range is going to be 44-48 and will work best when the MB is not enough and the Wet Track is too much. LB has a very narrow window of effectiveness but when it works nothing can stop it. We find it most effective during cooler temps where a ton of bite is needed but its known that the track does not contain much moisture. Be very careful with the LB, it can be deceiving in
the bite it creates and it can lock you down quickly. LB is a more useable trackside prep only, the only time that it would be recommended to use during the week is after several times at a certain track using the LB that you feel you run the prep out by the end of the night and you feel it
would be beneficial to have it deeper in the tire for a longer lasting effect. The LB will really not drop the duro much but will add more bite than the MB. The LB can be wiped on tires that are wiped with any other PTS prep during the week or at the track. We recommend marking tires
wiped with LB so the tires are not used at a later point when the track may produce too much bite.

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