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Maximizing Shipping

The How To Guide to getting the most out of your shipping dollar


For those that are experienced online shoppers as well as the first timers, we want to explain how shipping works on our site and how to maximize the shipping area in your box.


We ship exclusively through UPS and USPS with the following services offered: 


UPS: Ground, 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air

USPS: First Class (less than 1lb) Priority 1-3 Day (less than 25lb) 

UPS is the default shipping method on the store, and is normally the quickest but also the most expensive. If your order is not time sensitive  


UPS Ground:


Shipping is quoted accurately on orders that weigh less than 50lb, fits in one single box and contains no oversized items such as tires, seats, body work etc. 


When the shopping cart contains more than 50lb or any items that the store recognizes as oversized, the shipping calculator is disabled and it reverts back

to the shipping being calculated manually once the order is received by our staff. There are occurences where we feel the order would deserve being split into 

multiple boxes in which the shipping quoted would increase but we reserve the right to adjust as we see fit to make sure that the order arrives undamaged. 


Our staff is very experienced in how to maximize the box space we have available and get the most out of your shipping dollar. All ground orders need to be placed 

before 3pm EST to be processed and shipped the same day.  


UPS Next Day and 2nd Day Air:


Before you choose this option click on the transit map located below the shipping selection menu to make sure that expedited shipping is necessary. Both of these 

options are reserved to quote accurate shipping online on orders up to 10lb that are considered non oversized or combustible materials. If the items are 

too heavy or not capable of going air, the option is automatically removed. If you place an order and the shipping is more than what was quoted we will notify you 

and make other arrangments if needed.  




A very reliable cost effective option to ship orders that range in small very light parts, to some oversized items up to 25lb total in weight. There is a First Class Option

for orders that weigh less than 1lb with a 2-4 day transit time and there is a Priority 1-3 day option for orders over 1lb but less than 25lb and are restricted

to how large of a box we can use so some oversized items like cases of tires, body kits and other large, heavy items may not qualify and will need to be sent 

UPS Ground. There is a time in transit map located under the shipping options, click the appropriate shipping option and the map will appear for you to click on. 

All USPS orders need to be placed prior to 12pm EST in order to be processed and shipped the same day. 


Free USPS shipping on Qualified Orders and Items: 


Many customers have become accustomed with free shipping from Amazon and other premium online retailers so we our envailing our free shipping promotion.

Below are the details and qualifications:

*Available to Retail and Elite Member Customers only

*Order must be 195.00 or greater

*Order must fit in a 28x20x12 box which includes most items along with smaller seats and up to 8 tires

*Order must weigh less than 25lb 

*Larger Seats carry a small surchrge for using a larger box and Tires regardless of brand carry a 1.00 surcharge due to low profit margins and associated CC fee 

*If the above critertia is not met, the shipping option will be disabled and not appear during checkout 


 Residential vs. Business: How is it classified?

A business location in most cases will save you on average 15% over a residential location, so what classifies as a business? A business is a location that UPS can freely walk into without asking permission first but it does not count if your business is located in a residential location such as a business behind your house.

If you cannot ship to your business look and see where the nearest UPS store or hub is at and see if that is a possibility. Normal UPS stores are open until 6pm and you can go to will call at the UPS hub until 8pm in most areas and pick your box up while maximizing savings. The only time this would not work is for COD shipments, it will need to be prepaid.

Actual weight vs. Dimensional weight?.What's the difference?

Actual weight is used in all applications until a certain size box is reached and then UPS figures in the dimension of the box and adds a surcharge to it.

For the purposes of buying parts on this store anything as large as or larger than 27x20x12 is considered oversized and this is how it is figured:

Length x Width x Height (divided by) 166 = the actual weight the box is billed at.

So using the example above, a front floorpan or nerf bar would utilize the size stated above. Now the part itself will only weigh 3lb actual weight but using the formula above its dimensional weight is 39lb, and that is what it is billed as.

As you start moving into larger boxes the dimensional weight increases dramatically for items like tires, wheels, body kits, rear floor pans and a combination of items that deem a larger box to ship complete in one box.


The shipping calculator on this store is only a computer and it cannot figure in dimensional terms and for that reason it can only be used as an estimator for certain odd or oversized items. We have done everything in our power to make it as accurate as possible but if you would like an accurate total please give us a call and we will assist you in every way that we can.

Now that you understand more about how dimensional weight works its time to learn what fits in what size box and how to take advantage of the extra space.


This single item cost the most to ship in quantity but there is an upside, there hollow and that creates space for other parts.

4 tires fits in a box that is not oversized, the actual weight of the box is how shipping is calculated. There is additional room for filters, chains, fuel line, anything that within reason will fit in the center of the tires can be added with minimal additional charge for the added weight.

4 tires and larger items such as nerf bars, floorpans, or any large items that cannot fit in between the tires but are still considered small items will go in our smallest oversized box of 27x20x12 and the shipping will be billed at 39lb increasing the shipping slightly over a non oversized box.

6-8 tires will go in a wheel box that has the dimension of 21x21x21 and will be billed at 56lb.Larger items can fit in these size boxes such as clutches, mychrons and other items that won't fit inside the tires and require extra room.

10-12 tires will fit in the largest tires box that we have which is 33x23x21 and this box would be full with room left only inside the tires for smaller parts. I highly encourage our wholesale customers to look at this size box the most in terms of getting the most tires and smaller items all in one box maximizing shipping the most.

Anything over 12 tires and we have to add a second box, so when doing so make sure that you do so in quantities that make sense and again maximize your shipping any time you can.

Wheels function much in the same fashion other than the quantity is higher before the box graduates in size.

Body Kits:

In order to safely ship bodies and keep them from getting broke and damaged during transit, we can only ship (2) full bodies per box. Like we stated above its dimension not weight so if all you need is a nose you are going to pay the same amount as you would if you bought (2) complete bodies, so buy smart. The dimension of this box is 43x28x16 and there is room in these boxes even with (2) bodies to add small parts as long as there not to heavy to damage the body.

Oil and Chemicals:

It is at our discretion whether or not to combine these items with other items such as tires in the same order. If we feel the box is too heavy or is going too far of a distance and these items could start to leak we will ship them alone to insure they are not crushed and damage the other items that they are included with.

(4) Gallons ship complete in a box as well as (12) quarts.

If expedited shipping is needed to get your parts to you on time we CANNOT include any chemicals or aerosols in the box by law.

Odd Sized Items:

When ordering such things as graphic savers and axles and combining those with items that will not fit in a large slender box, the order must ship in a larger box so all the items can be combined.

For example, if you ordered an axle and a gallon of oil it would need to put in a much larger box than needed so it can be combined thus making the shipping higher and wrong during the checkout process. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Ground Freight Pricing:

When ordering items that are heavy such as tires, oil, engines, chemicals or anything that gets you to 150lb or more combined, we can save you a ton of money. We have the option of getting a LTL price but the normal ground truck picks up and delivers your box like normal and dimensions do not affect the pricing.

Wholesale customers need to use this to their advantage especially when looking at placing large seasonal stocking orders.

For more information please contact us with your order to see if it qualifies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is shipping on a 1lb box not much different than shipping on a 20lb box?

A: It cost just as much in gas and manpower to bring a 1lb box as it does a 20lb box, so we encourage you to use Surepost when you can to save money on lighter boxes.

Q: Is ground shipping transit time guaranteed?

A: NO, 98% of the time you will get it in the advertised time frame but when adverse weather comes into play and certain times of the year when there is high volume such as Christmas there can be delays. Please plan your order accordingly to allow any delays that may happen not to hinder your racing effort.

Q: My box was damaged, what do I do and who do I contact?

A: Make sure that you keep the box as that is the first thing UPS is going to need a picture of to asses the damage. Please contact us and we will contact UPS and get the issue resolved. We will in most cases resend the parts out to you the same day you contact us so there will be minimal delays on your end.

Q Does UPS deliver at a certain hour of the day?

A: No, if the order shows out for delivery, it will be delivered that day but not at any certain hour.

Q: When I place my order when will I receive a tracking number?

A: When the order is placed it is downloaded into our Point Of Sale and then processed during normal business hours. Once the order has been processed you will receive an automatic email generated by the store that will be a copy of your receipt and you're tracking number along with a link to track it on the UPS site.

We hope that this gives you a little insight into how shipping works so hopefully you can take advantage of the savings that are available. If you have any questions please submit a question HERE