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Our new inside will take much more work during the week and is designed to be used in higher bite applications day or night, but preferably for a tire 52 and above. This inside is designed to
combat the effects the Maxxis tires gives us during day time events where the tires have a tendency to get softer as heat is applied and gum up when any outside prep is wiped. We have seen the tires through testing respond much more quickly to cure time and the need to have 2-4 month
old scuffs to get a tire hard enough will not be required any longer. As with the Original, there are certain criteria that need to be looked at prior to using this product in order to get the best results:

*You are racing on higher bite applications that needs a tire 52 and above

*The ambient temperature is 60 and above in most cases

*The tires will be ran in a 3-4 week time period

*Your outside wipe is really just to fire the tire off as very little will stay with the tire through the run

*You want the duro of the tire to stay stable through the run or get slightly harder

This prep differs in terms of cc = a certain point value drop, a below chart will give you a starting point of what to expect:

60cc = 56
80cc = 54
100cc = 52
(Based on a Intercomp Durometer)
Roll the same % as outlined earlier for LR and LF

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