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High Bite: Clear in color and little to no odor
This prep was originally known as Cornerspeed 2 and then we made it an exclusive weekly prep by naming it Base Hard. This is the exact same prep but we feel the name now really describes well when and where it works.

When to Use:

During the week:

HB is going to be the ultimate high bite conditioner during the week because the bite that is added does not drop the durometer at all, it just adds surface grip to the tire and keeps the tire stable. Use on Maxxis tires when surface bite is needed generally for fresher tires in the duro
range of 54 and above. HB can be used on scuff tires as well to help control the hardness by keeping the surface fresher for longer.

At the track:

HB is still used in the same conditions as described above and can be used straight for more bite or cut with Acrysol 50% for less bite.

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