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Chassis Tuning & Preparation

Even though our main focus is sales, the technical aspect of what we do is what makes us a complete shop.

As an authorized PRC distributor and an avid supporter of the brand with our own in house race program, we aim to offer some of the most comprehensive chassis assembly offered in our industry and we ultimately want you to feel confident that your chassis will perform with some of the best in the business.

We assemble new karts as well as diagnosing used karts to make sure that everything is correct per class being ran, here are just a few details that we really focus on:

Seat mounting: Proper position both vertically and laterally will have the most impact on a chassis overall performance. We take into consideration the overall weight and build of the driver, how much ballast lead can be added to the kart to make a particular weight class and type of track conditions to determine the proper seat mounting position as well as style of seat.

Caster, Camber, Ackerman, Toe and Pitman Arm angle: Besides the seat mounting, this is the next most important thing that needs the most attention both on a new and used kart. New karts just need to be assembled properly using the right tools and techniques but older chassis need to be looked at more carefully as worn parts can contribute to the desired setup number and can cause major problems. We take every step and use the best tools on the market to make sure that the front end is setup properly per the class and track conditions being ran.

Body Mounting: Believe it or not proper body mounting is crucial to how the chassis will perform on the track. It can be mounted in a bind, to far forward or just not centered up properly. We take every effort to make sure that the proper ride height is set and that the body will have no ill affect on the chassis performance.

Scaling: Most people look for a certain number and will move things around to obtain a desired set of percentages. To be honest this is the wrong approach. 2+2 will always equal 4, and that same philosophy is how we scale karts. If there is a set amount of camber or a certain washer count on the top or bottom of a spindle and the numbers do not come up then we will look to find out why, not just move things around to get the desired value. We know what a proper chassis should have in it to work and we will work to find the proper solution not just band-aid the problem.

Once all this is done it is really just down to making sure everything is free on the kart such as the nerf bars, front and rear bumpers, axle assembly, and make sure that there is nothing that will cause the kart any trouble on the track.

What is this worth to you? Well lets just say we are more than fair with our prices for the work that is put in:

Seat mounting: 50.00 Includes drilling the proper position for lead placement

Body Mounting: 35.00

Scaling: 50.00 for a 1/2 hour and 75.00 for a full hour: Includes setting all front end geometry up per class and track

Full Kart Assembly (New): 150.00 Completely assembled with your engine and weight installed, all front end geometry set, and scaled out per your class. The kart is completely ready to hit the track once finished, nothing else will need to be touched.

General Kart Labor (Used) per hour: 30.00: Includes anything and everything to get the kart ready to scale.